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How does it work?

  1. To subscribe to our systems, you will need a live trading account with the “Strategy Runner Pro” platform. You can find our recommended Brokers, Global Futures and Active Trader on our contact page.

  2. After opening your account (or if you already have one available), it will be necessary to install the Strategy Runner Pro platform on your computer to activate the strategy.

  3. Start the platform and apply the strategy on the proper contract.

                        Beyond that, you have nothing more to do. Everything is automated. It is not necessary to turn on your computer each day to trade the strategy.                         The trading strategy is hosted on the Strategy Runner Pro servers and will start and stop on its own without you having to tell it to.

                        As such, you can go about your day... whether on vacation or at work. You may keep track of the strategy from the platform on your home                         computer or you can also login to your account portal to look up your account statements. You will also have the ability to activate and                         deactivate the strategy remotely away from home.

I already have an account with an SR broker

                        Simply ask your account representative to switch your platform to Strategy Runner Pro and let us know the following to activate your account:-Full                         name on your account / -Your brokerage firm / -Your account number / -The server name if you have it available.  We will then take it upon ourselves                         to provide you access to our strategy after signing up for our subscriptions.

I do not have an account and do not know where to start or which broker to choose.

                        There is no need to worry, the process is very simple and straight forward. Simply, when you are ready to start your subscription, please fill out the                         questionnaire found in the “Account Opening” tab, then start your new Strategy Runner account by contacting your SR broker or one of our preferred                         partners found in the “Contact Us” tab and they will be happy to help you during the entire application process. Then, once your account is open, we                         will be available to help you apply the Trading System to your platform.

Do I have control of the strategy?

                        -Yes, you will be able to disable the strategy (for example during important news events) and restart it within the same trading day. If the strategy                         has not been restarted during this trading period, it will remain inactive until it restarts automatically at the beginning of the next trading period.

                        -To stop the strategy for more than one trading day, you can deactivate it from your trading platform with 2-clicks of your mouse.

                        -WARNING! If a position is already opened on your account and you stop the strategy, there are 2 possibilities available:

  1. The position is transferred to your account to trade manually.

  2. A closing order is sent immediately.

                        Please refer to your Strategy Runner manual if you need to stop the strategy while a trade is active, or contact your trading account representative.

                        -You will be able to see all of the open positions on your account and will be able to copy them manually if desired. Please make sure that you have                         enough funds available for the additional margin requirement and any drawdown for your current open position and any other positions you decide                         to open or you may be experience a margin call and be forced to close all of your positions.

                        Nevertheless, we do not recommend stopping the strategy as you may alter your trading results for better or worst.

What is PayPal ?

                        PayPal is a secure payment service which prevents sending your private financial and banking information to different vendors. Therefore, we do not                         have access to your Credit Card information and we receive your payments through PayPal automatically.

Can I pay my subscription by wire or straight deposit?

                        Normally, we exclusively use secured payment services by credit cards with PayPal or directly through Strategy Runner. It is entirely free for you and                         you can stop the subscription at any time. Using bank wire or straight deposit, you will be completely responsible for the transaction fees. If you still                         prefer this method, please contact us for our banking information.

 A subscription is for how many lots?

                        The subscription is for the management of one position with 1 lot. (According to the strategy, one position may have 1, 2 or more futures contracts).                         If you would like to have two lots in the market, you will need to pay 2 subscription fees and make sure you have twice the recommended capital for                         your trading account.

My credit card subscription with PayPal does not work?

                        When you make a PayPal payment by credit card, please make sure your credit card is still valid and not expired. If your card expires during your                         subscription of our services, please log onto PayPal and register a new card with a new expiration date. In this way, PayPal will be able to                         continue the subscription payments on your new card.

How long is the duration of the investment?

                        As long as you want and pay for the subscription. Nevertheless, we recommend a period of 6 months to a year to get a good idea of the yield of the                         program.

What is the risk of loss?

                        Despite all the care taken in the development of these strategies, they have all suffered and will suffer more drawdowns. Like all speculative                         investments, the risks of loss in our trading systems are connected to our performance and are therefore high. You can find the risk and performance                         information under the “Systems” tab of our site.

                        All the same, we would like to remind you that past performance does not guarantee future returns using any strategy and when participating in the                         futures market, there is a possibility to lose all of the funds in your account and more.

                        Therefore, always use capital that can be lost. Do not use funds that may be needed for your living expenses.

Can I reduce the risk of your strategy?

                        Yes, you can! By using larger than the recommended capital, you will essentially be lowering your risk in regards to your account balance during                         trading. For example with the ForceX strategy, the recommended capital is $20’000 with a max. drawdown of -34%. If you prefer a lower drawdown                         risk of -17% for example, you will need an account balance of $40’000. Just the same, as the drawdown risk becomes lower, the average                         performance of the system of 150% will also lower to 75% in this case